for the ultimate in flexible print choose lithographic

We are specialist and experienced litho printers with over 25 years of experience. Lithographic printing is much more economical for larger print runs and to work with special finishes the traditional method is still essential to modern printing.

It gives the flexibility of using a larger range of stocks and finishes and generally gives a higher quality finish than digital printing. We will always advise our clients on which printing process will best suit their needs, budget and deadline.

All of our lithographic printing is handled in house. Many print houses these days do not and work is sent elsewhere, even sometimes overseas. We believe in offering a hands on approach and producing print in the North East, employing local, skilled people to carry out the work.

The Team at Penny Print are fantastic offering quick, high quality litho print and cost effective solutions to our print needs.
Matthew Squires | Benfield Motor Group

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